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Is your kitchen in need of some serious updating? Do you want your kitchen to be the accent piece of your home? Now you can! At April Painting Company, Inc. we want to give our clients the kitchen renovations they deserve. Our home remodeling professionals are here to create beautiful custom kitchens for our customers in Lawrenceville, GA and all other surrounding areas.

April Painting Company has an array of services for your kitchen remodeling project. Our services include:
  • New cabinetry
  • Creative lighting
  • Updating plumbing and fixtures
  • Refinishing trimming and doors
  • Installing tile backsplashes
  • New flooring

Have questions about our services? Call 404-281-6541 to speak to our experts in Lawrenceville, GA and start your kitchen renovations today!

Why do you need kitchen remodeling services?

Why do you need kitchen remodeling services?

Are you ready for home renovations in Lawrenceville, Georgia? Remodeling your kitchen is an affordable way to put your money back into your home. Without spending a fortune, you can enhance your kitchen and tremendously increase your property value. Giving your kitchen an up-do will improve the functionality of your kitchen while making you more comfortable when you cook.

Contact us to discuss which home renovations are right for your needs with a home remodeling expert at April Painting Company.